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          Welcome to visit our website!

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          Dunhua City Jixiang Peat Moss Development Co., Ltd.Locates in Dunhua city which is at the foot of Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province. It was founded in 1998, mainly engaged in peat research, mining Shenjiagongye. The company operates business in 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), import and export authority, and so on. With a large number of exports to South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, we have own brand "Ao beads" series peat production Product, raw material in the production of high quality on the basis of peat. In recent years we also developed a flower nursery with integrated nutrition vegetables group[more]
          The companies sector 
          • Jixiang Peat Moss Development Co., Ltd.

          • Jixiang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

          • Jixiang Ecologocial Technology Co., Ltd.

          • Jixiang Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

          • Jixiang Reservoir

          • Peat Research Institute

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          咨询电话:0433-6241344 ,04336346777  手机:13944727911.13944375689 联系QQ:36272964
          地址:吉林省敦化市经济开发区康平大街6号  邮政编码:133700  邮箱:CLA4198@VIP.163.COM

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